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My husband, Tim, and I have been married for 23 years, but 11 years in, our marriage was on its deathbed. So we went to personal growth events, did couples’ exercises, and spent a fortune on marriage counselors to re-spark the fire.

As friend after friend got divorced, we were tormented and emotionally shattered ourselves…inches away from splitting up too. Then Tim said one thing that changed our relationship forever… And Tim needed to KNOW exactly what to do to make me unbelievably happy and in love with him. Taking a few minutes of time has resulted in a bulletproof love that grows stronger every minute.

There’s only that stops you from creating that perfect romance you dream about. But this is one of life’s most difficult questions: Millions of people don’t know the answer to what will make them happy. So where does this push-button romance solution come from? My name is Susan Bratton, and I have been called, “the world’s happy relationship expert.” I went through tremendous pain to be here with you now.

This one secret transports you into a world filled with unhinged love and passion. The mystery leads to millions of sour marriages and billions of broken hearts. You don't have to be married -- this push-button solution is equally excellent for dates. As if starting over at 45 wasn’t enough to fill us with dread, we were more panicked about ruining our little girl’s childhood.

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