World of warcraft updating setup files

There is an icon with a small CD disk imposed on top of the usual Wo W icon. Then, run in order to generate a new folder (I’d keep the original terminal open, so you can watch for when a new Agent.$some_number folder appears): Once the Launcher starts and you can see the new folder, kill the Launcher process.

The install will eventually fail here and reference an error “BLZPTS00007″ . You can also close the other terminal that you used to watch for the new Agent.$some_number folder.

The installer can be downloaded on the respective websites: If you have a router or firewall you might have problems running World of Warcraft or services such as the Blizzard Downloader.

The following ports need to be forwarded for World of Warcraft to work correctly: However, in Wine the Direct3D mode is supported only through an emulation layer that runs on top of Open GL.

While I was investigating a similar issue for Diablo 3 (which got several steps further than this issue), I have already completely cleaned the World of Warcraft agent from my machine, and rebooted multiple times in an attempt to get this installation process to progress.

I did some additional googling and found a post on a blue tracker which simply advises to perform all of the steps I have already run through.

I disabled "work offline" by unchecking "Work Offline" in the file menu (available by pressing the First of all, if your behind a router you should make sure that the ports are set as recommended by Blizzard.

Follow this link for a complete list of ports: Second of all, I assume you are rejoining in the Mist of Panderia expantion.

If you have the installation discs, this guide recommends that you copy the contents of your discs to your hard disk and install Wo W from there. I figured I’d see how well updating the client goes over first before I sink 40 bucks (plus 15 for the month) into a paperweight.This guide makes the following assumptions, though it may hold valid under other conditions: The updater is attempting to dowload updates to setup files, i.e., “Updating Setup Files”.At this point, kill all pids relating to Agent.exe, Wo W.exe, or Start the process with the following flag “–nohttpauth” as follows: The intent of the ampersand is to put the process in the background. At this point, you should have two terminals open: At this point, I got past the first symptom regarding the “Updating Setup Files” message.

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