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Unless you share Soderbergh's likely viewpoint (I'm apathetic toward NASCAR, so this does nothing for me), what's going to be here?

Even if the character is supposed to be straight, that's still probably going to get irritating.2. I could get this being an up and coming director's up and coming first heist movie, but this is the FIFTH Soderbergh Heist film and the only reason I could imagine he'd take this (based on the trailer) is that he has actual HATRED, not just apathy, toward NASCAR.

Depressed men grab your bin, haul it to a lorry, and tip it in. And you spent all that time arranging the orange peels, coffee grounds and old tagliatelle to look like a Jeff Koons oil painting! Here in Berlin, you leave out your old Christmas trees on specific days in January for collection, and the Berlin council workers bring the trees to the Zoo, and feed them to the elephants.

As Ragnar Kuehne of Zoo Berlin told Reuters last January,"Elephants around the country will enjoy a delicious lunch today consisting of about five Christmas trees each." Apparently, pine resin is good for their digestion.

The game is won and lost on the pictures you choose and the amount of women you message.

So don’t worry about opening with a well thought out opener because it will appear well thought out.

The camels and deer also get to join in the January feast.

It's been a huge success, with public and animals alike.


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Indeed, there are rumours that soon, for a little extra, they will bring a baby elephant to your house, where it will eat your Christmas tree, live, in front of your cheering children.

Once the private sector gets involved, there'll be no stopping it.

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