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As the English philosopher Bernard Williams writes, attempting to explain moral philosophy: "What makes an inquiry a philosophical one is reflective generality and a style of argument that claims to be rationally persuasive." Ethics can also refer to a common human ability to think about ethical problems that is not particular to philosophy.

As bioethicist Larry Churchill has written: "Ethics, understood as the capacity to think critically about moral values and direct our actions in terms of such values, is a generic human capacity." For example: "Joe has strange ethics." The English word ethics is derived from an Ancient Greek word êthikos, which means "relating to one's character".

Maybe you’re a slightly nerdy boy in a low-fi surf rock band who loves to bake his own pies but is too desperately shy to work up the nerve to talk to the gorgeous brunette with half her head shaved and a tattoo of some Joy Division lyrics on her thigh (in which case, you’re adorable, email me).

Whatever your reason, it’s obvious you’re going to need some help. Here’s the big secret about dating hipster girls: we’re just the same as everyone else, only cuter, better dressed, and know way more about music and pop culture than you do.

The Ancient Greek adjective êthikos is itself derived from another Greek word, the noun êthos meaning "character, disposition". In it he first wrote about what he called the naturalistic fallacy.

An ethical question fixed on some particular practical question—such as, "Should I eat this particular piece of chocolate cake? A meta-ethical question is abstract and relates to a wide range of more specific practical questions. Moore was seen to reject naturalism in ethics, in his Open Question Argument.

Soon, Evie is in thrall to Suzanne, a mesmerizing older girl, and is drawn into the circle of a soon-to-be infamou Northern California, during the violent end of the 1960s.

So lose the keffiyeh (you look like an idiot and no one’s worn those for three or twenty-three years), put down the Monster energy drink, stop asking people if they like Arcade Fire, and listen to me. I don’t know where you live and, frankly, I don’t care. There’s band practice on Tuesdays and Sundays; graphic novel book club every other Friday; kickball league on Wednesday nights; rehearsal for our new performance art/dance troupe that still doesn’t have a name on Thursdays; our volunteer shift at the rooftop farm is every third Monday; and sure, our bike gang may not go on rides again until next summer but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to get drinks together every Saturday afternoon and plan for it. It might even give you something to talk to us about. We may look judgmental, but mostly that’s just our eye makeup running a little and making us squint. It’s okay if you don’t have as many tattoos as we do, or can’t quite muster up enough testosterone to grow a full beard.

Each music video, performed in Cyrus' own backyard, will debut exclusively on Facebook and include a "Donate" feature that enables fans to make a direct donation to The Happy Hippie Foundation.

The first video is titled Different."Pointless judgment and its effects are unfortunately something that is way to common. I want to use my voice as a megaphone to young people everywhere and encourage human evolution," says Cyrus in her announcement.

As part of the kickoff, Cyrus unveiled the Backyard Sessions, a collection of music video collaborations with artists including Joan Jett, Laura Jane Grace, Melanie Safka and Ariana Grande.

On Tuesday, the singer announced the official launch of the Happy Hippie Foundation, an organization devoted to helping homeless youth, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations.

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