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Louis sex offender who remade himself as a high-end wine consultant is facing criminal charges of selling liquor without a license.

Marc Lazar, 39, was arrested last week by city cops, who claim he made illegal sales on October 17 and November 9, according to court records.

It's invisible to area residents, buried deep beneath the ground in a North St. But the smoldering waste is an unavoidable presence in town, giving off a putrid odor that clouds the air miles away – an overwhelming stench described by one area woman as "rotten eggs mixed with skunk and fertilizer." Residents report smelling it at K-12 school buses, a TGI Fridays and even the operating room of a local hospital.

"It smells like dead bodies," observes another local.

She’s currently working with the health department to someday deploy social workers in the area to sign prostitutes up for Medicaid and pull them into rehab and counseling services.Lazar was sentenced to ten years for each count, but the sentence was suspended.Lazar served just 120 days in jail and was put on five years' probation.Nickel and Chapman are stay-at-home moms; Chapman has three special-needs kids.Neither of them wants to spend her time worrying about a damn landfill fire.

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