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If only it were so simple: Zoning in cyberspace has always been a daunting proposition, and participation in the porn domain will be voluntary.

XXX registrants." So how will frisky consumers looking for a virtual good time know that their hardware will be kept safe? XXX websites that pass the testing regimen can display the familiar date-stamped "Trustmark" logo.Nearly five years after rejecting a similar proposal, the internet's key oversight body, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, voted 6-3 this month to proceed with Commerce Department approve it, names could appear by the year's end.ICANN staff will now craft a contract with ICM Registry, the Jupiter, Florida, company that made the bid. The market unquestionably exists: Two in five internet users visited an adult site in April, according to tracking by com Score Media Metrix.According to the deal, the registry will integrate Mc Afee's technology into the domain service and provide free daily malware scanning with the purchase of every domain.XXX websites will thus be scanned for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, browser exploits and phishing sites, reputational analysis and malware.

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