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Victor Davion is busy in recreating the Star League, to defeat the Clans; to show the new League power, the Inner Sphere leaders plan the annihilation of the Smoke Jaguars; in months the Clan is annihilated by Clan rules; the Clans are astonished, though hostilities would propably restart soon. In 3056 Victor Steiner-Davion moves to rule the Federated Commonwealth as the Archon-Prince; his sister, Katherine Steiner Davion decides that the old Lyran Commonwealth will no longer be part of the Federated Commonwealth, changes her name to Katrina and secedes for his borther's realm.Sometimes in the early stages, no swelling is visible. Go to any page in your site, and a editing toolbar gives you all the controls you need to update your website.A dog that shows any of the symptoms common to bloat should be taken to a vet IMMEDIATELY.IT IS BETTER TO MAKE MANY FALSE TRIPS TO THE VET THAN TO MISS BLOAT THE ONE TIME IT MATTERS.They should either be merged into Edgar & Ellen, or given some incoming links as appropriate. --Reuben (talk) , 24 December 2007 (UTC) many of the articles in the group were created in a short period of time by User: Master izzy, who has no other edits at all.

The editors involved were acting in good faith, and have been advised of COI guidelines, so the best thing to do now is just to decide which articles to keep and which to merge.Knowing and recognizing the symptoms of bloat could save your dog’s life!An x-ray will confirm bloat, the extent (or stage of bloat), the surgical possibilities and likelyhood of survival. I stumbled across a group of related pages about a book series and related topics that are almost exclusively linked to from each other, somewhat like a walled garden.Perhaps the members of your project can give some advice on how notable the subjects are, and whether some merging is in order.

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