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Before we get into these details, we will start with a more complete overview of data entry forms.

Access forms are much like paper forms: you can use them to enter, edit, or display data. When using a form, you can choose the format, the arrangement, and which fields you want to display. Access can automatically create several types of forms.

For example, you create a form that will be used to make changes to clients' addresses.

The first field control is a lookup field used to look up the client's customer number.

Note also the work done in this tutorial on Forms assumes you have made the changes and embellishments to the table designs as shown in the Advanced Database Table Design in MS Access 20 tutorial.

The screen pictures and examples for this advanced tutorial were done using Microsoft Access 2013. For the most part the features and screens shown here are virtually identical to the Access 2010 and Access 2007 versions.

This page summarizes how to create and use DAO recordsets.

In the following sections these different approaches are shown.

One way is to set the control properties called Enable and Locked to prevent data entry.

If there are several tables with a one-to-many relationship, Access does not create the datasheet.

You can also save by right-clicking a form’s tab and then selecting Save from the menu that appears.

You can prevent the user from making any changes to the field by following these steps: Setting the Locked property to Yes will prevent the user from making changes to the field, but the user can still tab to the field, click inside the field, and copy the field.

To prevent users from accessing the field, follow these steps: Even with the Enabled property turned off, the Customer Name field is still visible, so the user may attempt to click on it.

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