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If you arrive before 8am or after 10pm or not on a regular arrival day, transfers are available as well, but you will have to pay a surcharge. You´ll get an emergency mobile number together with the confirmation of your booking, so you can call GLS staff any time. As you´ll be out a lot, with our activities and excursions, you parents won´t always be able to reach you in the house, but if they call while you are out, we´ll definitely let you know, so you can call back. We can try to find your parents a place to stay near by, but they won´t be able to live with you within the camp: All of the kids, whether from countries as far away as Venezuela or near by as Italy, come by themselves, because they want to have fun with each other and spend some time away from home. There are some rules that are valid in every camp:1. Please try to arrange your arrival between 9am and 6pm. (Germany may be in a different time zone than your country). We kindly ask you to let us know if there are special wishes regarding your diet e.g. Please follow the instructions of GLS staff anytime in order to secure your own health and well-being. Welcome to Animal Planet LIVE, your online home for the most interesting live animal cameras.This channel is updated weekly and shows you the best of Animal Planet programming. For all programs arrivals and departures are on a Sunday. There are public phones as well – please understand, that on the office phone your parents can only leave messages for you: we recommend that you call them back either at a public phone or agree on a time to talk later. We kindly ask to avoid calls during lessons in the morning, between 9.30 am and 12.15 pm, and also late at night. You´ll have all your meals at the campus cafeteria. You can buy extra-snacks in between at a kiosk on campus. Curfew times may vary from camp to camp, you will find detailed information about that in the Infoset. Please note: if you book the Berlin Summer College: here transfer is not automatically included in the price, but you cvan book it at a surcharge What time should I arrive? There is a GLS office in the school, which is open daily from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm; and your parents can leave a message for you by fon, fax or email, and there also is an emergency mobile number - all of these phone and fax details you´ll receive after enrolling together with our confirmation of your booking. Usually, however, we try to accommodate you with someone of a different nationality: That way you aren´t tempted so much to speak your own language instead of German. Food at the camp may not be the same as you are used to at home: Southern Europeans for example are often surprised that Germans eat so much for breakfast and often like to cover hot meals with a sauce all over it – so even if you may prefer the way your parents cook, please try to be open and enjoy the German way of preparing food. Additional afternoon and evening snacks are provided. They provide all services like help with visa procedures, insurances and travel information. Just send us an email: Let us know your name and address with tel, fax, e Mail, the program you are interested in and we will forward your name to a GLS representative in your country who will contact you. Enjoy amazing live sex cams and adult free sex chat!

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Check into one of our 473 fabulous guestrooms & suites boasting panoramic views over the Mediterranean and city of Barcelona.And remember, you can be a women as much as you can be a man - we have what you need, whatever sexual preferences you have.We are not here to judge or to question your desires, but we are here to link you with the hottest girls or guys that can be found on live online sex cams. A member of GLS staff will be waiting for you at the train station or airport, when you arrive - right in front of your gate or the platform on the station, and the big GLS sign, he or she will have, will make it easy for you to recognize him or her. Usually, however, it turns out that you will learn with others of a similar age. Yes, you will get a certificate, stating not only the length and type of your course, but also your level of German.1. Laundry and cleaning services Laundry service is included: Your laundry will be collected and washed at least once a week. Please note that proof of third party liability and health insurance is mandatory. In case of a visa rejection - which really is very unlikely with deadlines kept and necessary documents all handed in - the payment will be refunded except a handling fee of Euro 200. Who will meet me at the airport in Berlin or Munich? Important for your placement in a group is your level of German, not your age. There´ll be further occasions to change money on excursions. Temperatures in summer are in the 20ies and occasionally go up to 32°C in Germany, but evenings can be quite cool. As GLS is not responsible for any costs of medical treatment, we strongly recommend taking out an insurance package with health, third party liability, luggage and accident insurance. The invitation, however, we can issue only after having received full payment from you.

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