Dating age law in arkansas

they dont have sex, im sure of this because we tell eachother everything, so i know. they are the cutest couple i know, her bf is the sweetest guy i know, and he'd never do anything to hurt her or anything, and they are in love, is it WRONG???? i dont think you should worrie.relationships with younger girls are perfectly normal. and like your girlfriends family my mum agrees but my dad doesnt. 1 year in jail, and up to a 2,500.00 fine, if you are having sex. What do you guys do exactly, don't be embarrased, I can not give you the right answer unless I know everything.

However, why would an 18 year old adult want to go out with a girl in Junior High School?

Then there is no reason why they should not be able to date.8.

Specifically, the age of consent in California is 18.

He walked out of prison on May 3, 2004, at age 19, a free man.basically we just started dating about 2 moths ago, ther hasn't been any sexual relationships involved, how ever she has been with one guy before me, he was 15 too. thanksok i dont really know anything about stuff like this, but most of the people on here are older, so they see things in a different way.the parents are divorced, her mom has accepted the relationship but the father doen't and he wants to take her to get checked out by a doctor, and he also has said that he wants to put me in jail. im 16 but still i do see what you and your gf are going through.It is also illegal for anyone in a position of authority, such as a teacher, coach or family member, to engage in sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 18.Welcome to the Arkansas Laws section of Find Law's State Law collection.

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