Updating formware

Eye-catchy and cool animation, use of bright and soothing colors, and the perfect blend of ease and performance make Android Lollipop a thing desired by all.Because most Android OEMs ship their devices with customised versions of the OS, it sometimes take much time before they integrate the new iterations of the OS into branded UXs.Some phones are made to be super-cheap, available free on contract or for inexpensive purchase by people in developing countries.Some are “flagship” phones with more advanced hardware than the i Phone.These releases provide important updates for your system and devices such as printers, scanners and peripherals.It's important to ensure that you have the latest drivers to prevent hardware problems and maintain the performance of your computer and devices.The new update brings a complete overhaul in terms of the user interface and features.The UI has now been upgraded to the new Material design from the old Holo one.

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Any manufacturer can make a smartphone or tablet, throw Android on it, and release it.If your firmware is already up-to-date you will not receive this option.The WD TV Live device will check the Root Directory of any attached USB devices, as well as the internet (if it detects it has access) for an update.If you already have Version 1.1.1, it is not necessary to update the firmware.Before downloading the firmware update, please be sure to read the entire contents of this page.

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