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If, once booted to Linux you won't have any internet access then you'll need to download the source code for the driver we are going to build ahead of time using whatever facility you're using to view this document.Use the following link to download the same, recent source version that I'm using and have tested and verified to be functional with my devices (which may not necessarily be the absolute 'latest' version).I don't know enough of SLES specifics to explain how you got the 10.4 release rpm installed though.

Corporate systems need monitoring, backups, updates, as well as system and user management.Other tools and applications associated with the open SUSE project are Ya ST, Open Build Service, open QA, Snapper, Machinery, Portus and Kiwi.Novell created open SUSE after purchasing Su SE Linux AG for US0 million on 4 November 2003.This document is for users developing content for Adobe® Flash® Player 9 and addresses issues which are not discussed in the Flex 2 documentation or release notes.This document may be updated periodically as more information becomes available.

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